Kent Hehr

liberal candidate in

Calgary Centre

Kent Hehr

liberal candidate in

Calgary Centre



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It's time for a new voice in Ottawa...Yours.

"I believe we can make real change happen here. Let's do it together!" - Kent Hehr

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kenttalkingFrom 2008 to 2015, Kent represented Calgary-Buffalo, a provincial riding that lies entirely within the borders of the federal riding of Calgary Centre. In 2014, Kent announced his intention to run federally. And Kent isn’t a drop-in politician – he lives, works and plays in his constituency; he understands the concerns of its people, really listens to their ideas, and is willing to fight for them. To put it plainly, Kent is here.

Calgary Centre is one of Canada’s most recognizable ridings. The glass-and-steel skyscrapers of downtown, the iconic Saddledome and midway of the Stampede Grounds, and the wily Elbow River winding its way north are all within the district. But for all its fashion and flair, Calgary Centre remains, first and foremost, a place where people live.

Our energy is truly unconventional

campaigninactiongroupIt is because of its people that Calgary Centre has become one of the country’s most diverse, dynamic and vibrant communities. It is in Calgary Centre that thriving yoga studios abut traditional oil and gas firms, where Pride parade follows a month after the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, and where Chinatown shares space with Japanese sushi bars.

If anyone wonders how Calgary steams ahead as a big, world-class city on the foothills of the Rockies while still maintaining the down-to-earth, homespun nature of an Alberta prairie town, they will find it in the people living right in the Centre. From Mission to Mount Royal, Inglewood to Eau Claire, and Bonnybrook to the Beltline, Calgarians are building a city of the 21st century, and they’re doing it from the inside out.

We booted up and helped out during the flood

coopsThere is no better example of Calgary Centre’s values, spirit and unity than the 2013 floods. Both rivers that flow through the riding – the Bow and the Elbow – spilled over their banks and submerged whole communities. 100,000 residents, many from Calgary Centre, were evacuated. Whole floors of memories were destroyed. The rivers forever altered their courses. And Calgarians stepped up to the seemingly insurmountable challenge – big time.

Immediately following the costliest disaster in Canadian history, Calgarians joined together with friends, neighbours and strangers to pump the water out of basements, shovel muck from bedrooms and kitchens, and begin the long, hard work of rebuilding lives. Calgary was back within days, the Stampede carried on within weeks, and many people were able to return to their homes by the end of the summer.

Throughout these challenges, Calgary Centre never stopped being a key driver of Canada’s national economy, and a exceptional beacon for its future. No one can doubt the strength, resilience and togetherness of the community that emerged from the floods to beat the odds, nor the inspiration it still gives to all Canadians.